so before I fall asleep I just really want to write and say REGARDLESS of all the fighting, arguing, breaking up just to make up, lies and just all the drama we have been through with our relationship, I AB-SO-LUTE-LY love my man with all my heart, body, mind and soul. I do. I. Love. My. Man. REGARDLESS of all the mean and hurtful things I have ever said to him or about him and vice versa, I love him. I love him so much and I can’t deny it, I can’t help it and I can’t hide it. I am sure everybody knows and he knows that I love him. REGARDLESS of all the SHIT we had to endure just to be BETTER where we are now, I love him, I always have and I ALWAYS will. He’s caused me so much pain but he has also caused me so much happiness. Soooo much joy. and I KNOW this is REAL LOVE because I FEEL IT and theres no better feeling than that. we STILL stuck with each other AFTER EVERYTHING that has happened. I know we both want better and I KNOW my man loves me. He works so hard to provide and support our son and I, he is a GREAT father especially! and that to me, is VERY SEXY. I can be a fucking bitch and a brat at times (most the times) but recently, I have been in control and put myself in check because I realize how LUCKY & BLESSED I am to have the man that I have. there is so many women out there who WANT what I have but just can’t seem to get it right or just have that bad luck finding good men. of course, it took A LOT of growing.. but never did I ever think that my man was going to be a BAD father, leave me, or leave his kid(s) to GO BE SELFISH and live his own life, free. even way before our son was born. That just wasn’t the kind of person he was and still isn’t. during bad times and hard times, I have at times cursed god, because I didn’t deserve that or this(when things were bad and I was so close to giving up ON EVERYTHING)… and I apologize to him because never have I ever told him “thank you, if anything I do not deserve HIM, because he is so good to me, I was just to crazy to understand & too blind to see and now I do” I have ALWAYS been grateful and thankful though for everything I have and everybody in my life. I am way more fortunate than others, and there are people out there going through a lot worse than I am. Shit, some people have never been fortunate or lucky enough to fall in love. REAL LOVE. to feel how I feel being with my man and waking up everyday to him and just having someone love you as much as that man loves me, that is SUCH A BLESSING. like they say “you gotta get through some of the hard times to get to the very best times”. and I feel like the best times are coming. Some people might not agree with us or our relationship but they are going to have to deal with it and they’ll come around, if not, they can kick rocks because NOBODY is PERFECT, NO RELATIONSHIP is PERFECT, we still got a lot of learning to do, but as long as I am by my mans side and him by mines I’ve never loved learning as much as I do now. He is my love, my better half(for reals though), the father of my son, and my teacher. we both learn from each other. we just learn and still need more learning on how to communicate, listen and understand each other better… and we’ll get there. I trust that 100,000%. we have come a very VERY LONG WAY but he deserves so much more from me than what it use to be like. Relationships are SO HARD, well the ones that you want to last and stay in any way, definitely take a lot of time, energy, money, blood, sweat and hell of a lot of tears, but it is worth it if you really want that person and the relationship, you both have to want it. it gets hard before it get easier.. you sure do learn a lot about the person you love and a lot about yourself as well and even knowing everything about that person and all their flaws you love that person REGARDLESS. unconditional love is REAL LOVE. I love my man, even after all these years of all the unnecessary drama and all his stinky ass farts, from the times he had way bad smelling feet and the morning breath just uuuuuughhhhh.. all that gross and annoying stuff REGARDLESS I love him and I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM UNCONDITIONALLY. <3 with all of that being said I just remember to always be grateful and thankful for what I have and who I have in my life everyday.(: and I just want to embrace every moment I have with him because tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

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