I have not been writing for a while, as you have probably noticed, because I have been going through a hard few days. Let’s start at Friday. Well, that was nice! My morning started at the hairdresser at 9 AM to get my blonde touched up for the competition on Saturday. That took a few hours, but that was fun. Afterwards I got home after 1 PM, almost 2 PM, and I waited for my best friend to get to my house. She was spending Friday night and Saturday with me while my mom was out of town. I also had my dad with me the whole weekend, and Aiden with us on Saturday. My dad only came over at 7 PM on Friday night, so until then, Sheena (my best friend) and I ordered the pizza, went and got the movies which were Saw and Bad neighbours. We ate pizza, then Sheena went out quickly to see a friend, then came back to me after my dad got to my house, and then we watched the movies in the dark with the rest of the pizza, and junk food. First movie was the horror movie. That was just very gross!!! The next movie, the comedy was very funny! Then, went to bed, talked for a bit, and fell asleep. That was a very nice day and night! On Saturday morning, we got up nice and early-ish. 9 AM. We had leftover pizza and tea for breakfast with my dad. That was refreshing. Then I went to get ready for the competition with the help of Sheena. I was ready to go!.. after about an hour. I was nervous, but I was ok. I also had the support of my dad’s friend Merril. I had my support team of four. I sat with the other models for hours waiting for our turn to walk the ramp, feeling so nervous, shaking and almost sweating. When I finally walked the ramp in a short black dress and black b heels, I was shaking, but my smile came out naturally. After everyone had walked, they anounced the finalists, and unfortunately, I did not get through to the finals. I cried about it, but then I was done. That night Sheena had somewhere to go, and Aiden, my dad, Merril, and I went to dad and Merril’s friend’s braai. That was a nice night with amazing music and nice new people. They had a live band playing. Pretty cool. The next day which was Sunday,  I spent at dad’s house with him and Merril having salad for lunch and watching a movie called The good year, with a nice slab of chocolate. After the movie, it was time for my dad to take me to Aiden’s house so I could go to church with him. But, first, my dad had something to tell me. He came up to me very closely, and could barely get his words out. He just about burst into tears when he told me that one of my baby rabbits died on Friday morning from a heart attack because of her epilepsy. I screamed. I cried. Merril held me tight. I didn’t want to have knowledge that it was true. My special baby, was gone. The heartache was too much to handle. My dad held my hand during the car ride. I went to the church with Aiden and his parents, but I couldn’t go into the church. I couldn’t do anything. I was hurting. So he stayed outside with me. I could not stop crying. When I got home that night, I had a good cry in my mom’s arms. Then we went upstairs and ate the last pieces of pizza together, then I let the dog out before going to sleep, and as I carried my dog with liver cancer down the stairs, his breathing was bad. When I put him on the floor he couldn’t move, so I put him on the grass and he finally got up. When he came back in, I carried him upstairs and when I put him down, he got up and started wreching badly. We were so worried. I went to sleep, had a bad dream about my rabbits, and then I got woken up early on Monday morning by my parents, both of them in tears, and my mom told me my dog died early that morning. Again, I screamed and cried, and I was in shock that all this was happening. Then we buried my boy Bobby under the tree he used to like. A few hours later I got dropped off at Sheena’s house. I needed a distraction, and so did she. She had been in a bike accident that morning. Luckily no bones were broken and nothing was fractured. We got fast food burgers and chips and watched a series and the movie Home Alone. I had a few cries still. Later in the afternoon my mom fetched me and took me out to supper with a bunch of her friends and their kids my age. That was a nice evening. Then when I got home Sheena got dropped off with me for about an hour because she didn’t like being at home. Long story. So I did her nails for her. On Tuesday, which was yesterday, Sheena came to my house again and spent the day sleeping. Her pain killers made her very tired. I was fine with that, just as long as she was ok. That evening was a normal modelling class. We learned how to walk the ramp slowly. Today was actually very nice, and productive. I spent the day with my mom’s best friend, and we were at the mall most of the day. We went to sort out what she needed done, and she even got me three new necklaces from an amazing cheap shop. We went and had pizza and coffee, and we went grocery shopping at another mall, and we bought a new series to watch which was called Downton Abby. Afterwards, we went back to her house, ate cake and watched an episode of the series, and then talked while I cuddled her cat. Real fur baby therapy. Then my mom fetched me and we went home and had fish and chips for supper with my grandfather. He was also upset because his best friend died yesterday. It was a weekend and start of the week of bad luck. We have been through A LOT. Actually, too much.

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