My thoughts control me

So today I was at OWW for day 2 of the course. It was great and I really learned a lot. I also learned that I need to be more confident with my Ischium measurements : )

Anywho. I got home by 4:30 and got lonely. I just hate living alone. I kept busy and studied and cooked dinner but it just gets lonely.

Oh yea, I walked up the stairs to go to my apartment and there stood a gift for me and a card! It was a bottle of wine from a guy I dated like 6 months ago. We dated for maybe a month. I liked him but he was super inexperienced and was quite quiet sometimes which I learned is something I don’t want. But dang, it put a HUGE smile on my face. I instantly thanked him! I wonder if I made a mistake in breaking up with him?!? I probably didn’t but it was like the nicest gesture I’ve received in a very very very long time. So thank you, man.

That put me in a great mood and I didn’t txt my weakness for a bit but, then I did : ( It was a work thing but the convo didn’t carry on which it usually does. He didn’t even ask me about my day. I don’t get it nor do I get him. This is exactly why I need to get over him.

Then part of me is a little upset that most of my good friends here can’t come out for my bday dinner due to a stupid soccer game. Kind of makes me mad. I’m always there for them and celebrate their bdays with them and yet they can’t return the favor. Yes, they are joining later but still. Oh well, I have dinner reservations with 14 people that I recently just met and I think it will be a great night : )

As for my daily goals. I worked out, I did have more than 1 sweet though but I did have a healthy dinner and I was confident during my course.

My goal(s) for tomorrow:


-No chocolate drawer

-Be confident at work

-Do not text my weakness


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