To my two Little Princes and Little Prince:

How are you, my little darlings? I hope the three of you are doing fine and always happy. I am glad that I finally met you again last Sunday. You are growing so fast that it is hard for me to keep up. Honestly, I feel so old now but that is just unavoidable. That’s just life.

I am so happy that I could also hold the three of you in my arms and kiss your cheeks and foreheads. Your beautiful smiles have always warmed my heart. I love you all.

I am sorry that I don’t get to visit The Isolated Castle as often as you’d like me to be. I know you sometimes feel sad and wonder why I’m not around as much anymore. Trust me, this often breaks my heart too. It’s not that I don’t want to be near you. I just have to be away, keeping my own personal space. I need that.

It’s complicated, loves. You’re all at the ages where you believe that the people you know and love just get along with each other. The only reason for a fight to you is when other kids try to steal your toys or tease you.

For now, let’s just keep it that way, okay?

By the way, I’ve heard the news about your little sibling on the way to this world. Congratulations, I guess. I hope you are happy.

I can’t promise you anything, so I won’t. I don’t even want to break your hearts by breaking promises, so I’ll try not to. Yes, that’s right. The only thing I can promise you now is that I promise to try.

I promise that I’ll try to come home on the weekends as often as I can…for you and The Mighty Queen too. I want to kiss and hug all of you again, before you get too big and proud to give and receive such things. (But hopefully that won’t happen; you’ll grow to be wonderful instead!)

I’ll come back again to you when it is time. Meanwhile, please be good to your parents, The Mighty Queen, and The Sweet Prince too. Never forget that The Isolated Castle belongs to The Mighty Queen and always will, unless she is willing to share.

If anyone ever dares harm you in any way, let’s hope that they’ll never have to deal with me for I am not the most patient nor forgiving kind…when it comes to child abuse. (Until at least you are all old enough to understand that you need to defend yourself and know how to.)

Until then…with all my love,

The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle

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