Living With Depression

Have you ever been depressed? If you have, this entry may relate to you a little. Depression is a mixture of emotions. Now a lot of people believe that depression is just sadness & tears. Suicide. It’s not. When you have depression, you aren’t just sad and suicidal… you are happy, angry, frustrated, excited, lonely, anxious… a little bit of everything. I’ve been depressed. Hell… I’m depressed now. There are moments when you’re at a complete high but then you’re at a complete low. Some days it is a mixture of both. It is a daily thing that you HAVE to work at, you can’t give up. If you do give up, you think “What is the point of living anymore?” My Psychologist told me to write a journal. Write everything down. My thoughts, feelings, activities. I thought she was crazy. Why should I write everything down? Well, I took her advice & started writing. Honestly, I’m doing a lot better. Letting out what you have hidden can be so healthy. It isn’t a cure & believe me when I say no one will ever read what I keep in my notebooks but to get it all out is like a weight being lifted off overworked shoulders. Everyone handles their emotions differently though. Some people like to write (me) while others like to talk. I got to the point in my depression where all I did was stay alone. I barely ate. I yelled at anyone and everyone. I slept ALL the time… I even lost my job. Have you ever felt that way? If so, I encourage you to seek help. The world is a and place but it can be a good place. You can’t afford help? Well darlin… you have family, friends, co-workers… Hell… I’ll be your #1 friend. And if you aren’t depressed but you know someone that is, don’t just stand by and do nothing. Be a friend. Kindness & support can go a LONG way. It brings hope. Hope is an amazing thing for someone like me. Some suffering with depression. Trust me. I know from personal experience. That is all the time I have for today. Ja ne! ♡

3 thoughts on “Living With Depression”

  1. Welcome, I suffered depressions myself, but I read books and now I am acting happy like maybe unless I am going through a rough time. Sure in this site u may find lots of people who love to write and love socializing, but what r u going to write about? me if I cannot fail maybe stories, poems, songs, whatever.

  2. I’m sure it will! Even if you write privately, it’ll help. 🙂 & I can agree on that! Sadness is nothing lol. I pretty much stay angry most of the time. Yosh! Fighting! Stay strong SW. ♡

  3. I too suffered depression some times back ,i was mostly anxious ,it took me about 2yrs ,i prayed a lot and later went to the collage counselor who really helped me ,i took some session but at an interval of about 4days ,writing has always been part of my life and i believe it too helped me a lot ,trust in the Lord ,all that seem impossible with man is actually possible with Him.

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