The power of a smile!

What a beautiful morning! NOT! One of those days when you haven’t had enough sleep and have been woken up way too early for sunday morning…but! I know it is my own fault, so who am I angry at? I have had my morning tea and am starting to slowly wake up and realizing that I don’t want to feel this way today no mayter what…so I just searched for some positive vibes and inspiration to get me smiling again! And oh boy…does SMILING work! 😀 it always works!!!Even whithout the mirror….just make your lips in a smile and it gives you that instant feeling of: yes! this is how I want to feel today! 😀 so I am slowly getting out of my angry mood! 🙂
I love this feeling of self controle and knowing myself well enough to beeing able to conciously turn my mood around! :))
So whatever shadows come my way today I will just let them bounce off of my smiling lips and let them go! 🙂
Have a smiling day you all! :))

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