Day one

Ok hello today is my first day of doing a journal in the goodnight journal. I’d like to use this for my time at the g and to stay inspired. Today I did yoga with adrien day two and was sweating and it was hard. Then I did the elliptical for thirty minutes. I did increase my intensity ever two cycles but I kept it at level two for the other two cycles. It was cool. I sweat, sung songs, and smiled. I also looked at my fat ass, my giant legs, my huge arms, and my oversized belly in the mirror.

looking at all the extra body I have that is unhealthy and dragging me down kept me motivated. But this is only day one. I’m hoping I will have many more days at the gym. I weighed myself and I’m 211 pounds…. Holy duck that is heavy. I’m only 5’5. Yea maybe I do have a thicker build but I need to be a good 160 to be an ideal weight. I remember thinking back at me basing 173- and how I thought that was fat. Now I’m seriously fat, and unhealthy.

Today I ate some yogurt, I made some juice, some oatmeal, then for dinner I had two slices of calzone and two servings of salad. All in all a low calorie day.

Good job fatty savannah, maybe one day you will be normal sized savannah again and run and jump and play in the sun!!! I do love myself and that’s sometimes the hardest part especially when you are killing yourself at the same time. Not being healthy is as bad as smoking, which I haven’t done for a week now. Do I want to? Yes. Will I again, yes. When? I dk. I have a lot of stuff I need to do and hopefully working out will be my new healthy vice and I’ll be like the cool kids who work out and are healthy. Ok journal, good night.

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