Time flies faster.

Some things get better;

others worse.

Should we curse

the unfairness of this world?

Well, it’s just life.

Why fret and cry?


Stick to your decisions.

Make up your mind.

Don’t give in to confusion.

All will be fine.

If not, so what?

Don’t take it all too hard.

You have enough guts.


Let them say whatever they like.

They have no rights

to lecture you on how to live your life.

You’re old enough to decide.

They may say they care,

but scolding you once and it’s all enough.

They shouldn’t cross the line;

they should know when to step back.

You’re not some dumb kid to be scolded,

and they should respect that!



(Jakarta, 15/3/2015 – 3:00 pm)

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