I’m still where I am now. Reality’s started dawning on me.

My last salary from the previous company will be this month. After that, they’re off the hook – which is fair enough. I have to start working on other strategies.

I didn’t get accepted at that e-book company (after last Thursday interview.) That wasn’t too surprising. I guess my heart wasn’t really in it.

What’s my next move, then? Hazel Eyes suggested that I request for more weekday classes from the same school I teach on Saturdays. Okay. That’s also something I can do, I think.

Do I really want to? Hmm, actually it’s more like “I have to”. I know I sound bad and insincere, but I need more money right now.

At least for a while, until I get enough bearings to start focusing more on my writing career. That’s why I only accept part-time or freelance jobs. Other than that, no. I know I sound picky, but I’ve got to prioritise well and focus on my true life goals. I am getting really close now.

I am not giving that up without a fight.

Other alternatives? Find more and more part-time/freelance writing/translating orders. (“Don’t overwork yourself!” Hazel Eyes always reminds me. “You don’t want to take too much on board!”)

I’ve only shared this fact with a selected few in the real world. Ma. My brother. Hazel Eyes. Gigi. Some friends from the writers’ club. (They’ve been very supportive and non-judgmental with me. Some even offered to help me to get another job.)

Nina. (Only because she’d been the only one from work who had asked me incessantly, until I finally gave up and let her know the real reason for my quick, sudden disappearance from work.)

Other than that, no. The whole real world where I am in now doesn’t need to know. (Well, except you, my dearest loyal readers.)

In fact, Hazel Eyes and I have already agreed not to tell our drama queen of a friend, Lady Oracle. Too many things happened in the past that I no longer trust her that much. I don’t need her being so hysterical and nosy about me losing my main job and how I should go back home to my family because of that.

Basically, I don’t need her to tell me what to do or lecture me on how to live my life. No, thank you. She just needs to start minding her own business from now on and stop breathing down other people’s necks here. I mean, come on – we’re all adults here.




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