“Your Own Thing…”

Dear public,

consider this is the best for anyone not just you… many people would be told to be this way oh yeah change your mind twice. hopefully! this quote helps you when people tried to make your decisions.

Make YOUR decisions, make the sacrifice on your own. stronger then you think it’s emotionally or physical. works both way! consequences! duhh

Come on! make a mistake learn from it… or if you know it’s the right choice then bravo! bravo!. Have it going you have a positive mind. Thought of how like? this is not possible. won’t happen? because your incredibly thinking of what your friend is saying that could happen. that’s a good advice whatever it is… good friends ! meaning hey … your actually thinking twice before making a move. say so say whatever it’s what your made of. Reputations and rumors start when you make the bullshit happen.

Sincerely, Whitekiller97

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