LMH :) ♡ …HELP?

How do you know when you’ve completely lost your marbles? The subject says LMH 🙂 ♡ If you know what it stands for, 100pts to you! If not, I’m going to tell you anyways. LMH are the initials of a gentleman I will never be able to see in person. He is a famous actor from South Korea. Lee Min Ho. ♡ I am 100% in love with him. No, I’m not just saying that because he’s famous. I could honestly can less about that. I honestly don’t want or need fame & fortune. What good will it do me later on anyways? Honestly, It was love at first sight & this is coming from a girl who doesn’t even believe in love. Well… didn’t believe. Am I crazy? Really! I honestly need some advice here! I’m asking for help because I feel like I’m going insane thinking about this wonderful amazing Man. Ja ne!

One thought on “LMH :) ♡ …HELP?”

  1. Hi BeautifullyBroken. I don’t at all think you are crazy. Love has no boundaries and I feel it is simply beyond our control. All of our muscles are voluntary except for the heart. I recently found myself in love with someone I never thought or imagined. It was totally out of my control bc my heart spoke even when I told myself I will never give someone that part of myself. So if you are crazy then I am definitely madd.

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