Hmm. Not really sure if this is REALLY what I should name this thing. After all, I might change my mind sometime and regret deleting all like fifty of my journals that I spent the equivalent of several days writing and rewriting. So yeah, maybe this isn’t really a goodbye but a little interlude between journal-writing and thinking about writing journals.

But anyway my point is that I’m probably not going to be writing (much?) anymore and I might delete this whole freaking thing so, I would like to say an early goodbye to anyone and everyone who ever read my journal or commented on it or just read it and liked it or felt something anything when they were reading it, or who agreed with anything I said or even disagreed. Just, thanks. Wherever you are, whoever you are. Thank you for taking your time to read what I wrote, because just having someone else read my thoughts is like publishing my very own story. A very personal and kind of immature story but, yeah. So thanks again, you rock, and to all those people who have left the site you guys are the best, I miss you and all of the comments you would leave and you know, the journals that you guys wrote, I remember them even if you’ve deleted them. Really.

So goodbye for now guys–and I might see you again and I might not, but either way you guys must stay happy and healthy and get better every day…

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