Breaking School Property

Today my friends Macie and Brian (who are sooooo in love, they just won’t admit it) were showing me how they danced the other day.

The only problem was, we were in a practice room, and there was a cello leaning against the wall. Here’s how everything turned out.

Brian twirled Macie, then did a complicated step that ended in a dip. Then Brian tripped (the klutz he is), and DROPPED my best friend. She landed ON the cello, which had it’s strings snapped. Well, it was one string.

After I made sure Macie was okay (because I’m nice like that) I started cracking up. I almost cried! It was actually pretty funny.

Another thing: the cello belonged to the SCHOOL and now they had to pay for it. We told the teachers that Brian tripped and fell. But Macie and Brian split the cost and now, no hard feelings!

My only regret was that I wasn’t recording it. It could have gone viral!

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