My boyfriend doesn’t seem to get it. He just recently lost his job, but got another job that starts Monday. On the 17th of March, it was our 10 months. We didn’t do anything all night, he didn’t do anything special for me or anything. He came over late at night and i had to get up the next morning for class. His ex girlfriend sent me these pictures of all the jewelry and things he got her every month on their “anniversary”. It makes me feel like he doesn’t care about me that much, but if he didn’t i guess we wouldn’t be together. I haven’t talked to him about it because i know what hes going to say. We can talk about anything but i feel if i bring this up, it wont matter. I just want him to do something nice for me for once. I feel like im always the one doing nice things for him. Hopefully for our one year we will do something special…

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  1. If he really cares about you (which he obviously does, you’ve been dating for ten months), then you should be able to bring this up to him! Don’t worry about his ex, she’s trying to make you jealous. I hope it helps, stay strong, darling!

  2. Its amazing how much he cares about me. I am so lucky to have him, its just sometimes he doesn’t think how something will effect me. For example, he runs down at the firehouse and one of the guys down their threw a birthday party for his son, and his ex girlfriend was going to be there bc of mutual friends. He wouldn’t let me go and he spent all day there, didn’t text me the whole time until everyone left. It made me feel like shit.

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