I became a stripper on Valentines day.. and honestly, I hate the person its turning me into. The only reason I started doing it is because I seriously need the money and working crappy part time jobs wasn’t paying the bills. I’m a full time college student, with my own house and my own car and money has been really tight since my boyfriend lost his job. I hate tot say this but I feel like he really doesn’t care much to find a new one.. I haven’t seen him trying at all really. He filled out a couple job apps and went to one interview and a temp agency called him to come in to do a drug test so they can get him a job but he never went..I don’t wanna fight with him about it so I haven’t said anything about it… I don’t wanna stay working were I am but we need the money. I just feel dirty when I am there, its not the type of person I am. I hate knowing I have a boyfriend sitting at home while I’m at work taking my clothes off for other guys.. not to mention sticking my tits in their faces. I feel like its unfaithful to him even though I’m really not cheating. I feel like its changing the person I am and is turning me into someone completely different and I don’t wanna feel like that.  Idk what to do anymore, I really don’t.

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  1. If you want something to change, talk to him about it. If he loves you and is there for you he should be understanding. Thats self-ish of him to let you do something you dont want to. Follow your heart. Everything happens for a reason and it will get better. Don’t let this decision ruin your life.

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