Truth or dare gone wrong…

Leave it to II to turn a fun game into something we all will end up going to therapy for. So it was after “practice” and no one was really tired so VIII decided that today we’re going to entertain ourselves with an “innocent” game of truth or dare. I didn’t want to play so he went upstairs.

The questions and dares were pretty normal things like “have you ever kissed someone?” Or “I dare you to get in an awkward position with VII and stay like that for five minutes.” Everything was going well until II decided to make things disturbing by daring XII to grab VI ahem…personal place and keep it there for the rest of the game! And that’s just the beginning of II horrific truths and dares.

Some of the others being quote: “How far have you gone with someone? Have you ever done “naughty things with another guy/girl? (he asked me too) Have you ever done it in the house? I dare you to lick the underside of the toilet seat and tongue kiss XI! I dare you to suck on III left toe! I dare you to put on a thong and give XIV (me) a lap dance! The list goes on and on though I admit having IX give me a lap dance was pretty entertaining and sexy!

But the others including the truths and dares I didn’t put on here are so mentally disturbing I’m going to have nightmares about them…Ugh the stomach hair and water bottle. Don’t even mention the stiff sock in the shoe.

Signing off


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