How I Met Your Father

OK, so here it goes… From now on, my new hobby will be to write the most awkward, confusing and bizarre stories I’ve experienced thoughout my life with each of the guys I’ve dated.
No, I haven’t had kids yet, and No, I haven’t found the future father yet either… but I like the idea of having all these stories in writing for future me, and for my future kids!…hmm ok no, maybe not for my future kids.

Also, I find it really fun to write about it!… So yep… I don’t know if I’ll give the real names of the guys…We’ll see..

Anyways!, I’ll start with my first story on my next entry.




3 thoughts on “How I Met Your Father”

  1. Hi DramaQueen, your name tells little bit about your personality huh? I’m excited to see your stories here! Since I’m a big fan of the series How I met your mother 🙂

  2. Thanks!. This week I’ll post the first one! I’m excited about it… Though they will be stories I wouldn’t really tell my future kids.
    I believe Ted also tells them certain stories that are not appropriate for his children haha but that’s the beauty of it… right?..:]

  3. Definitely! There are always things that you want to keep yourself 😉

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