Prayers & thinking

It’s a few minutes after 9am on Saturday, March 21st. Today is my late grandfather’s birthday. He would have been 95. Aside from that, my uncle is in the hospital. Talk about a depressing weekend. I know I shouldn’t let things get to me but it’s hard. Really hard. Especially when you’re close to the person or people whom are super sick and possibly on their death bed. Good things will happen today, I know it. Why? Because my cousin is having a birthday lunch today and I got to visit my uncle. We had breakfast today, courtesy of my dad. My uncle actually ate to. You’re probably thinking, “Of course he ate.” Well, it’s been 4 days since he’s eaten anything. A bite here and there isn’t eating. He ate a whole sandwich. Not the greatest thing to eat for someone in his condition but hey, when you aren’t eating and you eat… that’s a major plus in my book! And everyone elses. Do you pray? If so and you read this, I ask for your prayers for my uncle. I’ve never been good at praying but I do it for him. If I didn’t have my dad, my uncle would be that dad. That’s how close we are. I pray for him to be healthy and happy but I know that the healthy won’t come. He has too much wrong. And that really sucks. So I pray for painless, strength and happiness for him. Because he needs it all. If his time is now, I think “Maybe that’s a blessing. Let his pass on into Heaven.” If I said that out loud, I’m probably be dead within the hour due to crazy family members. But you know what? If he’s ready to “go home” and stop all his suffering, who am I to be selfish and keep him here? That is all my thoughts as of now. Ja ne! ♡

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