I was sitting in the office with my 27 year old manager today while on my break and we were just talking about some stuff. He told me that he’s always thinking about work since he has two jobs that he feels like he is going crazy. He says he feels like he lost his social life and that he doesn’t do anything. I kind of want to be like “hey, you need to get your mind off things. Lets do something this week. Maybe go to tcby or bdubs or somethin”, but i dont want him to take it the wrong way like i’m asking him on a date, but i dont want him to want to ask other people either.. so idk what to do. Idk if i should even ask him since i’m only 17. HELP! I need opinions

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  1. You can try talking about hanging out with some friends. I think it safer way for you to ask him out. And if he agrees, then that would be wonderful. Everything will follow. Just stick to being a friend (for now).

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