Tears in the Night

June 13, 2007. The day my grandfather died. That year, we buried him June 15, fathers day. Sucks. One of the things that sucked the worst was leading up to his death. My grandfather slowly drowned for days but there wasn’t anything anyone could have done. They could only keep him medicated to the point he wasn’t in too much pain. I don’t believe it helped. I watched him slowly be tortured for days. Now, I’m reliving that nightmare. Only its with my uncle. He hasn’t really ate since Sunday. I spent most of the day with him & now that its 2am, its taken a tole on my emotional state. If I didn’t have my mother to sit with me for a few minutes, I’d be a total disaster. I cried for a few short minutes but I feel a lot better. It also feels good to talk a little about this. Aish… my pillow is waiting. Ja ne! ♡

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