Feel tired

I have been feeling tired lately by no reason. I dont think I do anything special to get me tired but I do feel more tired everyday by no reason. It actually got me worried little bit about my health. It will probably nothing but obviously my body does not perform as well as before. Yes it is time to quit smoking and drinking. Tried many times already but this time I think I should really take it seriously cause I really hate feeling tired.

Did many things today. Church n lunch with Linda then picking up my friend. Took a short nap before the walking dead night with my favorite people. It’s 11:02PM now on my bed. About to go to sleep. Just got some thoughts in my head about that health things and apartment.

2 thoughts on “Feel tired”

  1. Well this gets me to think.. I should go to the hospital for my annual tests.. Last year I was not 100% ok, and still didn’t do anything to change that!. My bad!.
    How long has it been since you had a blood test?… Are you eating how and what we’re supposed to? 🙂

  2. I did my last check up last summer but I’m gonna see if I can get one soon. For now tho, I just try to eat health and work out regularly. Most importantly, quit smoking and drinking…. It’s so hard tho… 🙁

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