Old Friends

I was looking through my Facebook feed tonight as usual. Need to for work keep up with current events in the area. I saw my old best friend had posted pictures of her and her daughter. I scanned through them and began to wonder. Why do I continue to follow my old friends who I no longer talk to? Her and I lived together in high school we had been inseparable. I honestly thought it would of stayed that way. We went through the party stage and drugs and drinking. Everything together and then I got pregnant. At sixteen yes I was young and dumb she stood by my side for a few months and then of course she grew bored me not going out for drinking or parties. She ended up getting into worse drugs than just weed. She then got pregnant two years ago. She got clean and started growing up. We actually started talking again growing close again. Then I came to find out she had been tag teamed by my child’s father and his friend for drugs. Some of you may be thinking so what big deal. Well it hurt she never told me I had to find out from my cousins half brother. It hit me just wow my best friend for years did that and hid it from me. I have had plenty of opportunities to do such things but would never. Then it is now and I look back and realize that is just one of my old best friends. I have one of my high school best friends left and he just isn’t the same as that one chick friend. Sure I talk with everyone I make friends easily. It is part of my job, but you never have that one best chick friend. You tell everything and let see you down and weak. I miss that I truly do. 

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