What comes around goes around

I do believe in Karma old ass Jackie was arguing with a cop because she don’t know how to shut her mouth so she got arrested.  I am glad she got arrested.  I don’t like her one bit.  She got her self in trouble by arguing with a cop.  One thing about cops if you are an asshole towards them and argue with them they will arrest you.  She claims to be a true christian and all that bull shit she is nothing.  She aint shit.  People argue with people aren’t real and true Christians at all.  She is a hypocrite and phony as they come.  I don’t like people who are fake and phony in fact I hate it.  She is nothing and I am glad she got arrested today.  Some people have to learn the hard way, some do and some don’t.  Some never learn, like Jackie because they are always running their mouths, how can they listen if their lips are always moving.  She is closed minded and doesn’t want to listen to no one but her self.  She also thinks she is God and she is not God, thank you God for showing me through people.  People like her I will keep my distance from because I am not getting caught up in Chaos and Drama in my life today.  Nor do I argue with fools and idiots such as her.  I will keep away from negative people and negativity that is wide spread here in Utica, New York. I am going to watch who I let in my life and who I get down with here. People are truly amazing they are crazier than loons and loons are smart birds.  I got to watch what I say because many have their heads so far up Marie’s ass and many are cry babies they like turning people into Marie.  So that is why when I am not with Tina, I will stay in my space and do John.  People don’t like the way I am living fuck them. I don’t need their approval.  Nor do I have to explain to them what I do or don’t do.  It is my life and I will live.

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