Day 3 and 4

I’m here at the gym now on the bike machine. In starting to sweat at 15 minutes. Hoping to go another fifteen minutes it has been 2.7 miles too pretty crazy but I guess bikes are faster and easier then walking or running. Yesterday I can here and warned up and sweated in the morning with my mom and today we are both here again and do are two other dudes. One is lifting weights and the other is in s treadmill next to my mom. It’s fun to be here with her. But unless Devon moves back I do t be able to do it with her when Galaxy comes back. Who knows maybe we will talk and he will come back. Is like him to but he is still an asshole. But maybe he always will be i dk. But I can be a better happier self anyways.

So here I am journaling on my bike thing at the gym lol but I’m sweating at least. And it is making time go by I’m almost at 20 min and 3.2 miles. I should get my bike fixed and actually ride around outside it’d be way fun. I could probably do this machine and study my rica book and it isn’t as demanding of the arms like the rliptical is I’ll take turns. I’d really like to be in good shape. My butt is going numb though lol. It’s fun. I just need to keep my mantra strong “I love the gym and sweating” and smile and feel happy and energized. And my other mantra of “I’m not hungry” who is hungry all the time? Not this girl. I had my coffee with butter in it this morning to give my body a staring boost and then I’ll go make a juice when I get home and eat an egg. I work on a kitchen so I for sure eat too much and have a lot of meals offered to me. Well let’s rock thus only day 4 lets go until I have better titles then numbers because it’ll be a good routine. I love myself because I’m nice and I’m awesome.

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