More updates

Yes, it never ends cause it can always better! Today, I noticed that archive is not working properly as it intended. Spent couple hours to figure out what’s wrong and finally made it work as it suppose to work. Already see the thing that needs to be improved. Date, Month and Year archive page should be saparated from public and my journals. For now, you have to sign in and out to see public and your journals by those queries I mentioned above. I just need to find the way to make it better along with other things.

It was below 32 degrees here in Chicago today after a week of spring weather. It was snowing too and got pretty nasty in the morning. I had to drive over an hour to get home that usually takes about 30 mins. Other than that very typical day. Work out on my lunch break and trying to eat health 🙂

It’s 9:00 PM now and I think I’m gonna go to bed early tonight. Goodnight!

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