[My first ever entry in this website. Oh, how idiot I am coz I only thought of having an online journal now. :(( ]

Well, first and foremost, I think I needed to introduce myself . Call me Jazz,seventeen years old (well, turning 18 a few months from now,wuhoo), a fangirl of korean pop and a hopeless romantic. Like a typical teenager, I also have some kinds of emotional roller coaster.

In school, I talk so much. I love teasing my friends and joking around. I seemed like an outgoing person. I belong to a vclingy organization, I’m closed to everyone, I have a lot of friends, I maintain a good relationship with my highschool friends (I forgot to mention that I’m now in College, majoring Chemistry<3 ), I know lots of people from different colleges. I am really an extrovert person, you'll say.

At home, I'm the opposite. I don't talk really much unless I need to ask for my allowance (Haha) My parents often scold me for being silent. I tried to tell them that I am talkative but I just don't feel like talking while at home, but they don't believe me.

Sometimes, it also puzzles me who am really I. Am I an extrovert person pretending to be introvert to please my parents, or am I an introvert person pretending to be extrovert to adapt with my friends?
Well, I think I'm more of the second one.

Anyway, it's not only when I'm at home that my natural shy-nature comes out… but also when this person is around… call him Mr. Introvert.

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