How come it happened to me????

Do you guys every ask yourself why did that happen to me??? well i do it all the time.

do u every wonder what you did for those things to happen to you?? sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

why would god or anyone else let me loose my little brother. i don’t get it why it happened to me.

i mean sometimes i try to think of the positive facts but than i start crying. i know he is safe soo ill start think of that.



if you have any good comments i would love to hear from you.

One thought on “How come it happened to me????”

  1. When you see injustice or violence in the world we all wonder why God does not put a stop to such things. God answers in unexpected ways. God wants us to bring our questions to him, but we may not always get the answers we expect. We can, however, always trust that god’s ways are best, even if we do not fully understand them. The important thing is that you are able to believe you have a bright future ahead. Some people may be afraid because they think they may be setting themselves up for disappointment. It does not cost anything to believe. I challenge you to believe that something good is going to happen for you. To have a vision to pursue and believe you can do whatever you need to do. There are downers in this life but there are also lifters. No matter how your life has turned out to this point, you have two choices. One is to live in constant depression and misery and the other hope and joy. Choosing to live in hope and joy does not mean you will not face any more disappointments or discouraging situations it just means you have decided to not let life get you down. This will see you though to happiness. Hold your head high 😉

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