How I Met Your Father – The One With The Aggressive Junkie.

One of the things you always ask your friends, is for them to set you up on a date with any of their friends. This, is the story of the time I dated one of my friend’s friend.

Of course you’d think since they’re your friend’s friend, they would be trustworthy… This kids, was not the case.
I met him one night and gave him my number since we liked each other. He asked me out, and the date was good until he mentioned he used to be on drugs and was trying to quit. See kids, for some reason when I was young I tended to feel attracted to guys who did drugs, don’t ask me why, cause I was never able to figure it out, but in this case… he did really heavy drugs, but you know how I like to stay positive in this kindda things, so I thought he was actually getting through with it.
One night, he texted me saying he wanted to see me, so I told him to come home.. what I did not know, is that he was wasted… BAKED.. and that was not the worst thing; he was aggressive. He started slamming the cabinets doors in the kitchen, the fridge, cursing and hitting the walls while saying he was mad at me and wanted to hit me real hard with no reason at all. So… I was used to date junkies, but not violent junkies so yes; I was scared. Imagine… I was alone with him, 3AM in the morning.. wouldn’t even let me grab my phone, and when I did to let my friend (also his friend) know about the situation, he absolutely minimized what was happening and told me not to worry, while the junkie was there threatening to punch me! and  he was big, he really did scare me!…I tried to talk to him and calm him down until finally, he was so wasted he fell asleep on the couch. I did not know what to do, so I locked myself up in my room, until he woke up, not remembering anything that had happened the night before and I kicked him out. Eight hours after he left, I got a message from him on my cellphone with a picture attached… Picture of a church and the message said: “Asking the Lord for forgiveness”. Crazy, much? The following weeks he texted me MANY times asking me to forgive him and to please go out with him again and listen to what he had to say, but of course, my answer was always no.
Bottom line here is, even if the people you meet are friends of your friends, you have to remember; you don’t know them at all and still, are complete strangers to you.



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