Class Activity 1

What is the IB Learner Profile?

The IB Learner Profile is conformed by the ideal qualites an IB student should have. We colud say that it is a goal to which IB schools aspire to reach; that there students develop all these skills.  The IB Learner Profile inspires and motivates the work of teachers, students and schools.

Inquirer: Someone who is always asking questions, always wanting to learn more.

Principled: Someone who knows his or her principles, is honest, and makes good choices

Knowledgeable: Someone who has general knowledge about him or her self, his or her enviroment, and the world.

Caring: Someone who is kind and cares for others.

Thinker: Someone who can develop thoughts creatively and with good judgement

Reflective: Someone who can look back at what they’ve learned and how they learned it, aspire to improve.

Risk-Taker: Someone who is willing to try learning things and ways the student may not be sure of, and learn from mistakes made in the process

Balanced: Someone who participates in all school areas and has a balanced life

Communicator: Someone who knows how to express his or her feelings in the right way, and is not afraid to do so.

Open-minded: Someone who has can see things from different points of view, who does not have only one way to think and is open to other things.

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