IB Learner Profile

  1. For me the IB learner profile is an old historic education mode, by putting the student at the center, and by that I mean that the goal of the IB learner profile is to be able to manage any situation that life puts you in your plate.
  • Inquirer: to not be scared to ask questions and be eager to learn.
  • Principled: being able to know the difference of wrong and right, and have moral values.
  • Knowledgeable: to be smart and informed about what going on in the world we live.
  • Caring: be kind and friendly with others.
  • Thinker: always be thinking and improving in life.
  • Reflective: after an action or decision you make you have to be able to reflect on your actions or others.
  • Risk-takers: giving all of you in something you believe in, taking risks in life.
  • Balanced: is to understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance.
  • Communicator: being able to interact with other and communicate your thoughts with others.
  • Open-minded: to be able to understand others thought even when you don´t share it.

I think that all the expectancy the IB learner profile has for us are all related to IT class even though it isn´t required explicitly in the course it is expected of you to be that way.

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