Were do you see yourself in 10 years

i sometimes don’t know were i see my self in ten years. i hope its good. sometimes i feel like my future going to suck. omg i’m so scared , what do i do. i mean i feel stupid and not worthy a lot of time. how am i suppose to get a job if i am not smart. i am so behind in my grade, i hate it so much.

but sometimes i do dream and it seems pretty good.

in ten years i want


write any good comments plz

go to college. i don’t care which one it is. i just want it to be decent

i want to work in the foster care program

i want to get married. i hope i can find a guy that loves me for who i am.

i want to have 2 kid maybe later another one.


One thought on “Were do you see yourself in 10 years”

  1. 10 years?! Uhmmm. By that time, I wish I could say “I MADE IT!”. I wanna feel the sense of fulfillment that everyday I could say “I’m Happy (for real)”. ^_^

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