IB Learner Profile (related to electronic devices)

Reflective: This implies thinking and writing your ideas, opinions, and suggestions. We can be reflective when writing or commenting a blog.

Knowledgeable: This implies having a general knowledge on all types of things, and being intelligent with our decisions. We can be knowledgeable and careful when navigating the internet and be aware of how dangerous it is.

Caring: This implies being king and helpful towards others. We can be caring when giving suggestions on other people’s blog.

Principled: This implies being well educated and polite towards others. We can be pricipled when writing our ideas and when we accept the suggestions people give us even if we don’t agree with them.

Balanced: This implies being equal, having a balance between different things. We can be balanced when we divide our time by being outside and with our families, and another time playing or texting on our electronic devices.

Inquirer: This implies asking, looking and discovering for answers, or to expand our knowledge. We can be inquirers  when we look on the internet to find answers or look up the information teachers ask us to.

Communicator: This implies sharing your own opinions and ideas with others. We can be communicative when we write on our blogs.

Open-minded: This implies having your own ideas, but also listening to others because they can also help you see things clearer or change your opinion. We can be open minded to the comments and suggestions we will receive on our blogs.

Risk- Taker: This implies coming out of your comfort zone. We can be risk- takers when you have an idea but you feel that it is too crazy, but you know that it can be successful or a failure.

Thinker: This implies listening to others and by listening to them, coming up with your own ideas. We can be thinkers when we read other peoples opinions on blogs, and due to the information you also know come up with your own opinion.


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