The beginning

Today I started this public journal to express my thoughts, emotions, and feelings about what ever I want. The beauty about this is that you can read my semi interesting life or you can the the F*%@ out of here. Not to sound like a bitch but it’s true. I totally love this so far!

Okay to this morning I got a call from Fedex asking if I was still interested in a position I applied to months ago, and of course I was I still don’t have job and I need to gain experience soon before I graduate. I also need a job period. She asked me a couple questions and later describes the job to me and told me that if I am selected she will call me later to schedule an interview appointment. What does that mean?? I’ve only had two serious jobs and non of them involved a small phone interview first than a real interview. Well I’ve been a little on edge since that call. I really want the job, I have a feeling like I might of said something wrong and if I did what was it. I hate this! I made my little brother pray for me just in case God didn’t hear my prayer. Silly I know but right now I can say I’m a little desperate. If you are reading this pray for me too, or if you like hating on people just the though of me having this job angers you, that works for me too. haha anyways I’ve applied to so many places, internships, real jobs, and nothing! I graduate soon I don’t want to no have a job when I graduate.

About what I will most likely be talking about in my journal:

sex (who does’t like talking about sex??)

school (current occupation)

family (I love them so much, I can not not talk about them)

friends (have a little of them)

work (in hopes of one soon)

and my life (you might like what I have to say)


Now that that’s out of the way, I hope you log on and read my stuff, because who knows we might become friends.

Don’t forget to tell yourself you’re beautiful !

– D.

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