for starters

Welcome to me. My life in some small words and blurry pictures. Ive always kept a hard copy journal but always forget to write in it and some times dont even see the point. I thought that maybe if i started an online one and wrote it as if someone were reading it it may help me get my feelings out. So to start hello im Sam i am a junior in hs and and so ready for it to be over. I love cute animals and punk music. I am a walking contradiction and dont tell me i already know. i usually write more in my journals when i am sad about friends but mostly about boys. lately there have been some very bad boy problems going on but we will get to that another time. i am bisexual but only the kids at school know, none of my family does. i plan to keep it that way for awhile. i have a small friend group that i freaking love and i am “mom”. BUT that does not mean i have my life together by any means. so enough about me for a starters, next post which will problem be soon will start with some of my issues so see you next babe :)<3

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