A few years ago, I was on a bad path, always doing drugs and drinking, like all the time. Well, one day  I went to a friends house. It was just her and I , until about 8:30 that night, than here comes her \”brother\” & his friend. They all decided to go ahead and drink, and me I Love drinking, well my friend and her \”Brother\” went and got some beer, me and the friend stayed at her house and waited for them to come back, about 15mins later they got back…Well we started drinking, and smoking some weed and K2. By this time it was pretty much over for me, well her brother started shit with me and I punched him the mouth and split his shit, than I remember, the tv was on and than I don\’t remember much after this. but, I remember waking up too my mom putting pants on me, well that night her brother raped me. We went the hospital and stuff..after about 3 days of running he finally turned himself in and said that him and his sister had planned it 2 weeks prior because I would not sleep with him.  I had been drugged. i have 3x\’s the legal limit for adults in my system and i managed too pass a drug test ,IT WAS HORRIBLE! well we went to court, and my mom pulled me outta public school and I did homeschooling. well the guy who raped did not go to prison, he went to EOCC.. well he got out and where I use to live there would be a car that drove by all the time, yeah it was him, so my mom moved me, and ever since i\’ve been doing fine, I am still in conslouring, messed me all up, I do have a boyfriend now.


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