Having a problem of letting go

Hmmm it’s a bright new day. yaaay who’s ready for this looong weekend ahead of us? Well its been a week since i was heart broken hehehe well not that I was dating or something but held on to a guy that I thought he would be my guy at some point. 

sic….I knooow things happen so fast you soon enter into this comfort zone. you think everything is going on well until it dawns on you,Like reality now sets in and you realize that life does not go as you had planned. Shit happens for a reason. But now I was so ussed to this person, like we shared alot of stuff together, we laughed,cried, made jolly basically did so much together until recently when he found a new chick and moved on. To cut long story short I was friendzoned. Well from beginning I was but just ignored and prayed to God that things will change. Don’t look at me hehehe miracles do happen right?

I am still wishing and praying that he will still come even though I have been hurt severally I am still praying that someday I will have a banana smile on me. Still holding on to those memories and hoping that all that will be behind us.


One thought on “Having a problem of letting go”

  1. I hope you’ll move on soon and make best out of your life. It is one of many things you like(love). life always has many lovely things to offer, I wish you’ll find one among those. I know how painful it is, myself into it now. I started writing journals because of that.
    try different things which you wished to do and held back, that may work.

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