Let Me Tell You Something

I can see clearly now since he ( soon to be ex-H) has gone, I feel freer and at peace and healthier now too. I was about 210 and a barely pushing 5’5 that is a LOT of weight especially for a person like myself that never pushed over 110. Well that was up until God blessed me with my first gift, My first born daughter.  I think that stress weight is harder to lose then baby weight, because I have lost that in a matter of 3 months. I have hit my half way mark ( have another 40 pounds to go). I have learned to stop eating when I am no longer hungry. I do what I can to not eat pass 7:30 Monday through Fridays. Saturdays are my “Junk” days and Sundays are slightly monitored. I just started to drink a glass of lemon water twice a day ( first thing in the morning then after dinner). I will drink lots of water and if I need a sweet drink I stick with teas. I have quite drinking sodas as much as possible and avoid fast food even more. I also started to drink the pre-maid “green machine” juices and its almost like a pre-detox. It sure helps loosen up stuff (LOL). And last but not least, I walk, I try to walk as much as I possible can and every where I can 🙂 I love walking. My favorite place to walk if the Florida Coast Lines, I enjoy the Gulf. I thank God I am a Floridian. I cant wait to be beach ready.


Well its late here and baby #3 needs to get to bed 🙂 

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