Sad Realizations

1. I cannot make people like me, let alone love me.

2. Sex is not love. Even when I think it is, they lie and they use.

3.  I will never be thin; I will never look like other girls.

4. I am not happy, or even content for that matter. I am not on the right life path, and I know it.

5. It’s a strong possibility that I might feel like this for the rest of my life. That scares me.

6. I don’t have friends.

7. Going to the grocery store does not count as adequate socialization.

8. There’s only one person I can truly count on 100% of the time, but she’s not all here right now.

9. I know why people write sad songs. I am an emo kid now. Please, shoot me.


2 thoughts on “Sad Realizations”

  1. Yep. Me too. All but 1.
    8 of the above apply to me, too. You are not alone.
    Just based on this, I think you’re awesome. Like a mind reader!

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