April 4, 2015 – Readings in Recovery: Step by Step

Step by Step

Saturday, April 4, 2015 

Today, unconditional trust in my Higher Power to earn what I need and not what I think I want and come to understand that my recovery cannot be on my time schedule. In my impatience for the promises of the Program, I must remember that the damage to myself and others as an alcoholic in the making and, later, as a drinking alcoholic, was not inflicted overnight; thus, I can’t expect recovery overnight, either. I need patience to thwart impatience, and I need only remember the damage caused by impatience in rushing toward what I thought I wanted and realize that a “rushed” recovery will likely lead, as it has in the past, to a train wreck. If through this day I encounter something I do not want, I will reign fight an emotional reaction like anger or self-pity or indignation and ask my Higher Power only for His knowledge and will to handle it so as not to threaten my progress or inflict injury on anyone. His time table, not mine. His knowledge of my needs, not my selfish wants. And our common journey continues. Step by step. – Chris M., 2015

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