Having a good time during “practice”

It’s a miracle! But I think most of the reasoning behind our excitement about “practice” is because I decided that it was time to put away the regular equipment and go outside! And we have the perfect outdoor “practice” area.

It’s the woods, but not a normal woods. This one runs for 40 acres with a creek (no trails) and lots of rocks and even an old well! It was actually a lot of fun! Who knew that running with minimal breaks through 40 acres of land would be so refreshing! I can’t wait to do it again.

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. No fighting, no moments that would cause anyone to go into therapy and no threats to anyone. Unless you count the storm that happened a few nights ago. We had a really bad storm come through. Lightning storm. Everyone was doing what they usually were, it was 4 in the morning so I was in my room drawing and listening to music when there was this REALLY loud pop and the power went out.

Someone, I think it was I screamed and everyone ran out of there rooms. There was constant lightning it was really scary! So we all decided to have a little campout in the living room. Nobody minded that we were so scared that we left no space between anyone. I slept between I and X. Thank goodness the weather lightened up and the power came back on around 7. Aren’t we brave?

Signing off


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