The begining of my development

What is world? Who are people?

I left my home. I left my friends. I left happiness and I left my life for another one. I came here to become a new person and what did I get in return? Only disappointment. Disappointment…..

Am I nothing? Am I a nobody?

At first I was loved, I was needed. Now I believe that I was just naïve. Over time you understand that the smile is just a formality, the question “what`s up?” is just a sign of courtesy. Actually, nobody cares about you.  Nobody cares…..

I am a white crow among black ones. I am a needle in the bag full of straws.  I feel misjudged, misunderstood , used and betrayed.  Maybe I seem happy, maybe I still laugh and joke around, but actually I am hurt and no one cares. No one…

People are blind and judgmental. I am not saying I am perfect. I am not saying that it wasn`t my fault. I am just saying that I tried and they should have tried more. Only living alone, among strange people, you understand that life is not pink. It is time to take the glasses off and face the reality. Face the reality!!!

But what is reality? What is world? Who are people? Who am I?

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