basketball really?!?!?

I joined the basketball team and now I’m stressing out. aaahhhh. Out of all the classes I have I’m stressing out about basketball!!! Ok so two months ago I was walking to class like I always do and the coach just stops me and asks me if I play sports and I was like ya and he was like you should join basketball. I did. Let’s just say it was disappointing. My first week there we did nothing literally. I sucked. A month later I hurt my arm and it hurt allot. A girl tripped me while playing and I landing on my elbow and my elbow ended up all swollen so I couldn’t straighten my arm and lift my arm either. After that I started hearing stories about other peoples injuries when playing basketball, a girl hurt her spin and there was a possibility she won’t be able to walk!!! That is scary, what if that happens to me!?!?! i want to be a movie director and a music composer and i want to be a full package. OK so as you know I’m thinking about my future so i get anxious so ya i have anxiety. Expectialy performance anxiety. I feel asleep and i woke up after the game today and i was literally crying to my mom. My mom is going to go to the school and ask if they can change my schedule to regular PE. The team also throws dirty glances at me and I’m the outcast of the team. I hope all goes well.

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