So, I kind of said I was quitting before, right…but since I’ve been doing nothing but procrastinate, sit and slouch in front of the laptop, scroll mindlessly through Tumblr, listen to music, watch danisnotonfire and read random articles for almost two hours, I thought I would do something a little more productive before I went to bed.

It’s ten twenty pm here, and I love this time of day. Not too late not too early. It’s quiet calm and peaceful…just the whoossh of the occasional car as it passes by, and some light footsteps, and low conversations. I love looking out the window and seeing the yellow lamps shine on the road and the cars and the shrubs, and the windows of buildings. And the bus station right outside the doors, all bright and white. And sometimes some people sit there with a bag or maybe a suitcase and they don’t even play with their phones, they just sit patiently and wait for the bus. It’s nice seeing them there…knowing they have somewhere to go, maybe home, maybe a train station, maybe school or work. Just, somewhere. I don’t know, it’s oddly comforting. All of these night time elements are so in harmony and so calm, and still.

So goodnight, internet. Or rather good morning. Sometimes I just suddenly have my mind blown at the thought of the world having different time zones–while it’s so quiet and still night here it’s fresh and bright and lovely morning somewhere else, and someone is smiling, or someone else is laughing, and yet another person is getting ready for work or school. But at least for me, now, it’s goodnight, so goodnight my sleepy friends.

Goodnight, journal.

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