Insecurities that keep me awake.

Will someone ever love me? Not my talent, outer beauty, or possessions. But me, my personality. The funnies. The not funnies. Will Someone be willing to take care of me when I’m sick… Someone willing to fight through years of bullshit with me because I’m worth it to them?

I like to to think that I’m quite liberal but I’m hopelessly romantic and the idea of marriage seems so nice, but is love something I will ever truly find? Is my other half out there? Someone that I love that loves me equally?  Or am I living in the wrong century destined to be alone?

this is the kind of bullshit that keeps

me up at night.

And before anyone (ifanyonedoes) reads this thinks I’m a 40 year old divorcee with 3 kids and a eating problem… That’s only 1/3 true.

Im young and there’s plenty of time… I’m completely single- no kids- never been married. I’m not morbidly obese but I<3food. Nother story for another day.

Ive also had plenty of offers. But never the right offer. Cheap sex has never interested me, having only slept with two people I have never had a whore spell and doubt I will.

I couldn’t see myself being truly happy until him. Mr. Part two of my insecurities bit.

Never been happier and never fallen so hard.

Also never been dropped so hard after being so convinced I wouldn’t be.

It. Fucking. Hurt.





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