Odd Past Week.

So I ended up meeting a guy. He is funny sweet charming and wow those eyes my god. Turns out though he is diabetic. Not a bad thing by all means. Just I don’t do well with needles ha. He is awesome though I love spending time with him and just texting him makes my day better. Though I am nervous to ask him over to often or text him to much. I don’t wanna mess up this relationship before it starts. Other than the new guy in my life something weird happened. Friday I woke up my throat hurt a little okay no biggie. Worked a half day being it was Good Friday. Get home and great luck it was my sons nap time so I took a nap too. I woke up when my father called. I was drenched in sweat like even my clothes. I took my temp and it was 103 degrees. Well I went to my parents for dinner did laundry got home went to bed. Woke up with a quarter sized painful lump on my neck. Went to the ER when my son went with my parents to Easter at my Aunties. The doctor came to the conclusion it was strep that hadn’t gone away just in my left upper lymph node from six weeks prior. Antibiotics lots of rest blah blah blah. No biggie right? Well Sunday morning 7 A.M. I bring my son back to my parents. I go back to the ER because my lymph node was now the size of a golf ball I could not eat, drink anything, swallow, hardly even breath okay. Went through a Mono test (blood drawn), Strep test (swabbed sore throat), then the fun stuff. I got a IV put in place so they could do a CT scan to check for a abscess inside my lymph node. Like I said earlier I really do not like needles I almost fainted six times with that thing in me. CT scan was normal felt like I peed myself when they did the chemical things for the scan (so weird feeling if you haven’t had it before). Cute male nurse though ha ha. Went back to the room waiting for the results yet again. No abscess thank god did not feel like getting a needle shoved in my neck to remove it. Ending the visit of three hours by saying keep taking the antibiotics and here is some steroids, and by the way you need surgery to remove that node if it comes back again. Surgery really that will mean missing work and what about my kid. I really love my job by the way it is a perfect fit for me. So I get home take them and today well it is just a tiny lump work went by fast, and went to my parents to pay my mom money for my prom ticket for my little sisters prom. I though it was awesome she asked me to be here date since I never had a prom. Well anyways I am home now son is in bed giving you all a update. Now it is time to watch “The Watch” again so funny! Have a goodnight!

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