Terms and conditions.

What the holy hell are people thinking?

What kind of  naïve idiot agrees to a “free trial” without reading the fine print, and THEN, gets upset at CUSTOMER SERVICE when you get unwanted billing…. If you didn’t read the T’s&C’s that’s on you! If you weren’t aware you even signed up THATS ON YOU!

You got what you ordered, didn’t you? I don’t hear you complaining that you didn’t place that order. So what, you think that someone got on your computer somewhere between the 30 seconds it took you to place your order and signed you up for something? Puh-lease… 

Some people should just take the leap off the damn bridge.. I mean if at the slightest suggestion you will sign up for something without doing any research to find out what it is or what you are even doing then you might as well jump off the bridge… The view on the way down would be super cool, right? Plus your plunge to the end would be a service to humanity… Amiright?

Shit makes me want to rip my hair out sometimes. People playing dumb. It’s a free trial, not free forever. Taking it out on me that you’re stupid… Wow. And being customer service it is my job to assist and take care of it, but this whole transaction would be A LOT easier if people wouldn’t assume that this was something that was done to them. You did it. Own up to it. Say you don’t want it and I’ll do my best to remove it with a friendly tone of voice.

Or be a jerk and let karma kick you in the ass and also ruin the transaction for me.

Either spread evil or spread good.

Daily choice.

Rant over.

lordy, I feel better.

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