A God Really Is watching Over Me

I’m so happy. They changed my schedule. OK to be honest I was acting like a little bitch in the morning. I was planning to stay home but my mom made me go late to school so while we were in the parking lot my mom got out of the car and I was like mom please don’t tell them I was planning to ditch school because the basketball team were like gangsters and I didn’t go to the game yesterday so I thought they were going to start bullying me and throw dirty looks like they always do. My mom said she wants me to get out of basketball because I was getting stressed out so they did. I heard regular PE goes swimming next week I’m so excited. God really listened to my prayer. As always i told david what happened i hang out with david at lunch he is a teacher. Don’t think i was alone with him i was with my friends to Isabel and Joel. There was this guy who likes me and he always does things for me and i HATE it!!! I cant like anyone because i made a deal with god if my grandma gets better from her illness i will give up on my lazyness and love for a few years so my granma got better and now i have to get through the deal. If i could like someone i would like edward and zack and i think they like me to. Ooh and also i have to be in therepy to get rid of my anxiety, how sad.

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