What are you afraid of?

You’ve always convinced me that this is love,

yet you never let me be

the person I am meant to be.


What are you afraid of?

You say you love me for me,

yet you want me to change my personality.

Are you crazy?


What are you afraid of?

Really, what is it?

Are you scared that I might grow out of you,

bit by bit?


Oh, I think I know what you’re actually afraid of.

Your insecurity has shown me enough.

That’s why you always find me so tough.

I think deep down, you’re just too soft.


There’s no need to be afraid.

No need to spread such violent hatred.

Don’t find my qualities a threat.

Each of us is entitled to our own opinions; that’s how we are made.


If you’re still afraid of my capabilities,

then stop being such a sick, insecure bully,

because you won’t scare or even impress me.

This world was created for all of us equally.

Who says it’s always been your sole property?


So, are you still afraid?


You’re trying to mask your fears and worries,

by claiming that the problem has always been me

by telling me I am crazy.


I am done catering to your big, fat ego.

It’s just time for me to go.

You may force someone else to enjoy your boring, one-man show.

This life isn’t just about you; others also deserve their glow.


Why stay afraid?

Why keep the hate?

Good luck in finding another potential date.

You know jack about respect,

and that’s just a sad fact!



(Jakarta, 3/4/2015 – 1:45 pm)

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