5 Years to 1 Month

I’m planning to break up with my 5 years boyfriend. Our relationship has been on the rocks since February. Valentine’s Day passed in a blur without any message or greetings from him.

For the last 5 years, this is the first time that he never remembers to greet me, in spite our fights in the past. Due to this I focused myself in surfing on a dating site (which signed up last January). In through this I find comfort and appreciation from other guys. 6 weeks ago I received an interest from a guy who’s younger than me by 2 years. He seems nice and what really captivated me was his smile. I sent him an e-mail saying thank you for taking an interest with me. Since then we exchange a few e-mails. Until I decided to shut down my account due to some mean guy. I sent him one last e-mail giving me email and Skype contact just in case he wanted to keep in touch with me.

Which he did, a few minutes later I received a new contact request from him. From that they own, we became chat buddies. We became closer and closer every time we chat. He makes me happy. He makes me smile. Just staring at his photo (which somehow because everyday occurrence in exchange our photo) make my day better. He makes me feel something that I never felt before. Despite the distance between us (he lives in another country), we have a constant communication everyday.


1 week after we meet I confessed to him about my impending relationship with my boyfriend, I told him that it was an on & off relationship. He was disappointed in me, but he doesn’t want to be angry. I called him through Skype to tell how sorry I am and I was crying. He was crying too (or at least what I assume based on his voice). After that I asked for a second chance because by then I already decided to break it up with my boyfriend. He gave me another chance, but I know the trust has been broken or at least had a cracked. Our communication still strong after that. We talked and shared a lot of things about ourselves.

2 weeks ago, we saw each other through the Skypee video for the first time. And I must say that my heart skip a beat when I saw his captivating smile. I was in front of the laptop staring at him while he’s doing the same thing. Until he breaks the staring competition with a laugh which made me laughs too. He was very nice and easy guy to talk with. It felt like we known each other for years now. We had another video chat last Sunday and this time is getting better. We laugh a lot and tease each other non-stop. A few days before out the first Skype video he mentioned that he is really interested in me and he really wants to move what we have in another level.

I was more than willing because my feeling for him is getting stronger everyday. I told him I would like to settle my relationship with my bf before I could decide. Which he gave me time. Until now I haven’t talked with my boyfriend, but I’m planning for this weekend.

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