Dear Jerk

Did you think that she wouldn’t tell me?

I’m not like you. I have friends that are real, and my family (at least the family I associate with) is golden.

The fact that you have the audacity to request to hang out with her daughter is ludicrous. It’s Ridiculous. She’s 4 years old, dick, she won’t understand when you up and disappear.

Her theory is that you’re filling the void where your own kids should be. She says that you have your little girl in your eyes when you look at her daughter.

My theory is you are a selfish prick who would use a little kid to make yourself feel better about being a horrible person to your baby momma.

Be a man. If you want to see your kids, man up and go talk to your baby momma like an adult. Stop acting on your every fucking impulse. Think about the future and what you want it to look like. Then set goals to make it happen. That’s what fucking adults do.

Don’t expect to go over there swinging and get to see your children. I mean, that is how you broke your hand, isn’t it?

I would prefer you stay away from my family all together but since you’re a selfish prick and you only think about yourself, I expect you to do whatever and leech off of everyone around you until she will take you back again.

Hopefully that’s sooner rather than later. I can’t stand looking at you.



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